Into The Flight #13

By Randy Schlitter

We are happy to announce the super bush or "monster" gear for the S-7S Courier has passed testing. Several drop tests were conducted to prove the durability of the oversized gear. Watching the videos you will notice the bounce is rather subdued. Instead of bungees, that rot over time and are no fun to replace, the springs should last many years. The shock struts are made of streamline tubing and we are looking at some options on reducing the drag of the side frames. We are considering an optional bolt on step, although with the right approach, a step is not critical. The new gear as of October 2013* will retail outright for $2,600 and $2,400 if ordered with the plane.

The Monster gear weighs in at only 4 more pounds over the standard gear. We predict a loss of 10 MPH with 800x6 wheels/tires, and 12 MPH with 26" bush wheels.

* Check with sales department for current prices.

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