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Puddlejumpers can be mounted on the S-12 Airaile and the S-6 with tricycle and taildragger gear.

 we mount our 14’ floats on the 582 equipped S-12 and the 15’ floats on the 912 and 912S equipped versions.

On the S-6 we use the 15’ floats.

The floats come as bolt on kit that includes everything required for a complete installation specific to each aircraft.

Retail prices are as follows in Canadian dollars; to get pricing in USD you must multiply the Canadian figures by 0.78 as of today. Exact price in USD is based on bank exchange rate at time of order.


-14’ amphibious with all mounting hardware: 7950 $ CAD

-15’ amphibious with all mounting hardware: 8 995 $ CAD


available options are:

-Kevlar bottoms 14’: 1000 $ CAD

-Kevlar bottoms 15’: 1400 $ CAD


-Hydraulic brake kit with tubeless spun aluminium wheels, tires, fittings and master cylinder handle: 950 $ CAD


-Water rudder: 500 $ CAD


-Color in gel coat 14’: 300 $ CAD

-Color in gel coat 15’: 350 $ CAD


-Salt water operation kit: 800 $ CAD


Crating is 350 $ CAD and shipping price varies based on the destination.


About 3 years ago we acquired the rights to the famous Turbulence skis so we now offer 3 types of skis; straight, wheel penetration and electric retracting skis.

We have different sizes to suit aircrafts up to 1400 lbs. All our skis are made with a powder coated aluminium shell,stainless steel mounts and UHMW base. They also come with all required mounting hardware specific to each aircraft.

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