May 3

paint types and procedure for prep


What type of paint and prep procedures are recommended for the S21.

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  • I recently purchased anS6 with 150 hours on a 582. I have assembled and owned a 582 powered S-12, a 912 Powered S-12XL, and have assembled most of an older S-6 for a friend. I am planning on installing a 912UL in my recent acquisition. It is now winter here in Calgary AB Canada and my hanger is not heated. I hope to acquire everything I need, then rent a heated hanger for a month to do the swap. I will purchase everything I need from Rans. I do not want to be missing anything when I start. Is there anyone that has done this? I am not sure what extra items beside the Rans FWF kit that I need. Rotax engines seem to be less expensive in Canada so I may purchase the engine here. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
  • I have my S-21 tail feathers built but nothing assembled yet, and it seems to me that painting those first makes a lot of sense so we don't have to disassemble and reassemble later. Could also balance the elevator if we paint now. Others tell me it will be impossible to keep the paint blemish-free after painting and to wait. Is there a consensus from those who have done this before? Has anyone used an automotive paint shop for at least base coats on parts? Is that worth considering?
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