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Frequently Asked Questions for RANS S-7S Courier

1.  What tire sizes are available? The stock tire for the tailwheel Courier is 6x800. These weigh 17.7 pounds each and are about 20” in diameter.  Alaskan Bushwheels LSA version are only 15.25 pounds each and work on the 6” Matco Rims that come stock in the kit.  Other options are out there, for example the Desser 8” rimmed 27” bush tires, however for the weight gain, this idea seems counter productive.  

2.  What is the Monster Gear option? The monster gear is our response to those who want a more extreme STOL plane. Using traditional “Cub” type gear design, but with steel springs vs. bungee, we feel have created a landing gear that will withstand the most extreme bush flying. This option will adapt to most all versions of the Courier. This option will add about 8 pounds. New for 2015 is the flat leaf spring type gear. This is made of aluminum and has excellent dampening. Unlike steel leaf spring gear, the aluminum absorbs the shock with half the recoil.  The difference is dramatic, turning what could have been a several bounce landing into a smooth one.

3.  Can the Monster Gear Adapt to the new  airframes using the Aluminum leaf spring gear? There has been some interest for us to develop monster gear to adapt to the newer airframe, but most are finding the new aluminum gear robust for bush operations. 

4.  Is there a Dual Shock system available with the Monster Gear?  We have not seen this system to be reliable enough to incorporate into our Monster Gear option.  

5.  What about floats? Yes! The Courier should be an excellent float plane, and we have included in all Courier bushings to mount floats. These are welded into the fuselage at station 3.

6.  What other covering systems have you considered? The Oracover 6000 is a viable system. The Courier can be ordered minus the stock covering to allow the builder to explore other options. The cost to cover with Oracover 6000 will range from $8000 and up.

7.  Is there any long range fuel options? Yes, the current 26 gallon system can be boosted another 2.75 gallons in the form of a large header tank that install below the baggage compartment.

8.  What other engine options are available? We will have install kits for:  Rotax 912iS, but still believe the 912ULS is the best bang for the buck. The iS adds 20 pounds, and is quite complex. We have tested other engines such as the 0-233 from Lycoming and UL Power offerings. We have yet to conclude any definite advantage over the 912ULS. The 914 turbo charged engine is about the only option that brings more performance for the expenditure. We have partial kits for the 914. The bottom line is the 912ULS with the right prop is hard to beat, and even works good when operating from density altitudes of 6000 plus.

9.  Do the wings fold or swing? Yes, the new 2015 Couriers have flexible fuel lines allowing the adaption of a swing wing fold option. The option will allow one person to fold the plane in 10 minutes. The width folded is over 10”, so it is not legal for towing, but intended for stowing.

10.  What aerobatic maneuvers are approved? Aerobatics with the Courier should only be considered if wearing a parachute, and if the plane is equipped with a G-meter and the pilot is experienced in aerobatics. During our testing we perform a number of maneuvers, these include: Spins, loops, barrel and snap rolls, Cuban 8’s, chandelles, hammerheads, and whip stalls. 

11.  What about spins? Spin testing of the Courier shows prompt recovery with conventional input.

12.  What props are recommended for the 912ULS? We use 3 blade props and like either of these two choices.  For the least cost and most durability the Warp Drive is hard to beat. For a significant increase in performance and weight reduction the Whirlwind 75” STOL prop is a great choice.  

13.  Will there be a 915 Option? If the engine proves out we may develop an install kit.

14.  Is an auto-pilot a good idea? The Courier tracks a course with rudder input only, and holds altitude and trim speed very well, so an autopilot will have an easy time flying the plane. If you are constantly crossing the country (like we do!) the AP is a great buddy to have along. However the factory has flown the Courier more without an AP than with. We like the performance of the Garmin AP’s and they do a very nice job using only roll and pitch.

15.  Can you fly with doors open or off? Quick pins hold on the doors for easy removal, and flight with the doors removed is approved, however there is no need to remove the doors, instead just fly with them open. It is recommended to open doors at or below 65 MPH and not to exceed 100 MPH.

16.  How many inches fore and aft to the seats adjust? 2.25” inches

17.  What is the shortest and tallest person to fit? Pilots from 5’ to 6’ 7” have fit.

18.  Is it a full swivel tailwheel and steerable? Yes, the tail wheel features a cam that kicks out the steering when displaced far enough to the left or right.  

19.  What about a wheel pant option? We currently do not have an option for wheel pants.

20.  Can you build it with all glass doors? Yes, but this is something the builder has to develop as there is no kit available. The suggested method is to use two pieces of lexan cut large enough to over lap the opening thus omitting the need for the aluminum trim strips.  

21.  How well does the cabin heater work? Down to 20 degrees the cabin heat keeps the pilot happy. An optional radiant heater can be installed under the rear control stick fro the rear seater.

22.  How much crosswind can the Courier handle? In the right hands the Courier will handle 20 knots at 90 degrees, typically 15 knots at 90 degrees.

23.  Can I buy it in partial kits? Yes, please consult our online order sheet for the latest in options and prices.

24.  Is there a quick build kit? Yes! You can order your Courier with wings, tail, fuselage and doors covered and even painted. This saves about 500 hours of build time.

25.  Can you buy the Courier ready to fly? Yes! We offer a SLSA version of the Courier.  Consult our online pricing sheet for details about this offering.

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