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What You Should Look For Before Buying A Plane

Airplanes should bring you joy and happiness!  Here are some questions you should ask while shopping, in order to get the most out of your airplane purchase.

Can you open the doors/canopy in flight?

Can you open the doors/canopy while taxiing?

Take a close look at the interior.

Does it offer you:

Adjusable Seats?

Can they be adjusted in flight?

Adjustable Air Vents?

Durable Fabric Upholstery?

Comfortable Seats?

Nice Sized Cargo Area?

Is there a net or cover for the cargo?

Where is the fuel tank?

How many are there?

How many gallons?

Is there a header tank?

What kind of fuel is required?

Does the company offer tech support?

Is it free?

Are there builder forums available?

Does the company put out Alerts?

Operational Alerts

Airworthiness Alerts Assembly Alerts

Are they easy to access?

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