Apr 24

The whole Coyote series is a fine testament to how a light, safe airplane should be built.

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I love my S-4. It fits me to a T.


Thank you Gerald! So beautiful!

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  • Pretty wicked, one off, backcountry setup S-6S coyote II with a zipper big bore setup, and lots of other mods and goodies including a custom fork that accepts a 22" 8.50 nosewheel (same on mains), titanium front axle, dual oil coolers, custom headers and exhaust, custom ram-air intake/airbox setup and much more... Feels weird to list it, I've owned it for over 4 years, flown it around 620+ hours, but I want to go another direction now. In really good shape minus the windscreen, I may get to changing it before someone buys it, more willing to negotiate price if you buy before I change it out etc. walkaround video: https://youtu.be/lRgagZfg3Tg Asking 50k Located near Calhan, CO 719 two four four, 2116 gkf.aircraft@gmail.com -Todd
  • Hey guys, looking for a little info if someone could measure their solid flying wires of the newer 7's or S-20. Looking to maybe upgrade my cables on my S-6S to the solid style. I believe the 20 and 7 are longer, maybe too long to use on a 6, but wondering if someone could measure a top and bottom (and I know the bottoms are different lengths on the 20). Any info on total length, approx adjustment range... just the rod, rod with ends etc. whatever you measure will help for sure. Appreciate any info on this! May have to source them elsewhere, but thought I'd check if the ones RANS uses might be workable. -T
  • Thanks for taking a look! Always a great experience up north!
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