Jul 16

How to Video request


Sure would be nice if you made a video for installing the upper/forward side skins.


The written instructions are a bit lacking at times.

Jul 17

I have a fuselage about ready for skins, I will shoot a video for you in the next couple of weeks. Are you talking bootcowl skins? Or cage side? Tailcone?

Upper tailcone forward, the ones with the small triangular window------and very few pre drilled rivet holes.


Seems that this particular part needs a lot of work to get fitted correctly.

Jul 17

Ok, I'll tackle it as soon as possible

Thanks, ----- tell Randy you deserve a raise for excellence in customer care :)

Jul 17

He is probably reading this right now, ordering accounting to get that raise in place, lol

Oct 30

Eddie can I suggest a video of the Rudder construction would be a great confidence builder for us total newbies to aircraft building.

Being listed as the first build part in the manual it is probably reasonably straight forward however I have read of people building their rudders with a twist in them.

Oct 30

Gkmanzie, I will gladly consider doing a rudder build video, not sure when our next rudder will be needed as we are stocked up for a next few RTF's, but I will remember to shoot next time I build one.

Oct 30

Thanks Eddie. Greg is my name. Excuse my poor etiquette for not adding it to my post.

i tried desperately to get to Oshkosh this year mainly to do the rudder build class but it didn’t work out.

An S-21 builder friend who is further into the build suggested building an aileron as the first task suggesting it was less susceptible to messing it up. Your thoughts.....

Oct 30

Well, the technique for both is basically the same, our current Rudder build is almost fool-proof if you follow a few basic rules. I think we have narrowed down the few hiccups we had on early production runs.

Oct 30

Eddie and the “few basic rules” are.......?? I’m hanging by my fingernails here! ;-)

(Happy to correspond off the list if preferred.)

Oct 30

No need, hard to outline all the tips and advice here, but probably the most important is support for the part as it's being assembled/drilled/riveted. Perfectly straight/parallel supports for the part ensure the end result will be straight.

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