Nov 5

S6SXL 582 to 912 conversion


I recently purchased anS6 with 150 hours on a 582. I have assembled and owned a 582 powered S-12, a 912 Powered S-12XL, and have assembled most of an older S-6 for a friend.

I am planning on installing a 912UL in my recent acquisition. It is now winter here in Calgary AB Canada and my hanger is not heated. I hope to acquire everything I need, then rent a heated hanger for a month to do the swap. I will purchase everything I need from Rans. I do not want to be missing anything when I start. Is there anyone that has done this? I am not sure what extra items beside the Rans FWF kit that I need. Rotax engines seem to be less expensive in Canada so I may purchase the engine here. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Ed



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