Oct 13

Lead shot bags


The lead shot bags that you see being used in the Rans build of the S21 does anyone know how much weight is in them or recommended weight bag sizes etc. Trying to source them here in OZ..its proving a bit difficult to get them easily.

Oct 15

Mark, we use 10 lb bags, I don't know who would make them, the ones we have here we made ourselves.

Oct 15

Thanks Eddie. I took a stab in the dark and thought they would be around that weight. I found some 5kg (11 lb)lead shot bags and ordered 4 of them. They were difficult to find. Would you believe the main user of lead shot bags is theatre companies used for stage weights etc..well over here anyway

Oct 16

For the guys over here in OZ this is where I got them from https://secure.johnbarry.com.au/shotbags

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  • Manual says to leave boot Cowl off till after painting! What is the purpose of this? Maybe for installing windscreen? Can you not just install everything and just mask the windscreen or is there something else you need the Cowl off for? Steve
  • In the S21 progress report # 27 there is talk of an Assembly Alert for using VHB tape to install the lexan to the door frames. However, when I search for the assembly alert -----no joy. My kit did include the VHB tape, but there are no instructions on where to use it. It does not look like there is enough to do the entire perimeter of the door and the center seams, so I am wondering if it is only for the center seam. Or, anywhere the lexan meets the door frame? Guidance please.
  • Hi I am trying to make some room to clean out the boxes and stack the parts. I will need to make a rack. Can anyone tell me the wing skin sizes please the length and width. They will be the largest size so I can then make a multilevel rack to store the bits. I havent got the room at the moment to be able to unpack and store the bits safely so another rack inside the shed will have to be made. I need to get my inventory done asap
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