Apr 23

S-21 Edge rolling of wing leading edge video




Thanks Eddie, I have been trying to figure out how you did that ever since you did the first S21 wing video! Now I know know what to buy. Thanks again!

Apr 24

You're welcome Eric, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a video is priceless. We will be populating this forum with hints and tips as best we can, and will try to include videos whenever possible.

Apr 24


Doesn't this do the same? Or does it create the fold too far in from the edge?

Apr 24

That does the exact same thing, and at the same distance, in fact we include it in the tool kit. Truth is I could not get consistent results with it. Other work buddies have it figured out, I wouldn’t want to risk an important part because of my lack of skill with it. But the roller wheel works great for me and does the same result, I’ve used it on every S-21 I’ve built, the fuselage gets quite a bit of use from it as well.

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