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The design goal of the S-6S was to create a fast build kit plane with traditional aircraft fabric covering. The basic airframe is based off the successful S-6ES. In the tradition of the ES series most parts are preformed and pre-finished. Typically on fabric planes, the inside is painted or covered with fabric. Many hours of tedious labor is saved with the use of a molded interior kit. Final assembly can begin once inventory and inspection is complete. Only the outside of the plane and the instrument panel require painting. Even the panel can be ordered powder coated.


A Super Six can be built in the confines of an average garage using normal shop tools and skills. The Super Six is an excellent project for the first-time builder wanting the challenge of traditional aircraft fabric. Because of the high level of "out of the box" finish and preparation, more time can be spent on the details resulting in a highly professional finish with performance to match. The new sport wing offers great performance in both STOL and cruise speeds. At 30'8" span and a slight taper the handling is with little adverse yaw and snappy role rate. The sport wing will function well on floats and at high altitude. The advanced construction of the sport wing also allows a very precise shape airfoil in short build times.

With the standard wing the stock 80 HP Rotax 912 UL engine cruise speeds are in excess of a 100 mph. Fuel burn rates of less than 5 gallons per hour common. The 100 HP ups the cruise a few MPH, with a large increase in climb, all at a small increase in fuel burn. Overhaul times as high as 2000 hours have been reported by operators.

Kits delivered as of 01/08: 1842 (includes ES Series)






  • Welded 4130 chromoly steel powder coated cockpit cage
  • Aluminum tube tail cone assembles from pre-drilled parts
  • Most parts powder coated or anodized
  • Cabin skylight
  • Differential ailerons, operated by cables and push-pull tubes
  • Dual elevator horns, push pull operated elevator
  • Ball bearing aircraft control pulleys, all cables pre-assembled
  • Pre-drilled streamlined aluminum struts with adjustable aft lift strut
  • 3” Main wing spar 2” Trailing wing spar
  • Pitot/static system
  • Stamped aluminum ribs
  • Sheet aluminum leading edge
  • Molded wing tips
  • 9 Gallon fuel tank in each wing, w/ visual fuel quantity indicators
  • Folding tail & wings
  • Aluminum tail ribs
  • Double cable braced tail
  • Aluminum framed LEXAN curved doors with gas door lift cylinders
  • Dual air vents
  • Dual control sticks
  • Dual rudder pedals
  • Single panel mount throttle
  • Panel mounted elevator trim
  • Center flap handle
  • Single hydraulic toe brakes
  • Aluminum wheels/ Aircraft grade tires
  • Park Brake
  • Tapered spring steel main gear
  • Telescoping steerable nose gear (Trike)











  • Gear leg fairings
  • Full swivel steerable tail wheel (Tailwheel)
  • Full interior kit with behind seat baggage storage
  • Deluxe upholstered seats with map pockets, adjust fore and aft, 4 positions
  • Lap and shoulder belts
  • In-cockpit fuel sump drain
  • Pre-cut  floorboard w/ aluminum wear plate
  • Aircraft fabric, tapes (no glue), close outs
  • Exit fairings for control rods and cables
  • Placards, decals; cleco pliers and starter clecos





  • Low drag 2-piece fiberglass cowling, oil check door, cowling removes quickly with ¼ turn fasteners
  • 12” Spinner
  • 4-Point rubber isolated engine mount
  • Stainless steel exhaust System
  • Cooling system
  • Hardware
  • Pre-assembled oil lines with fire sleeves, fuel lines and fittings
  • ACS ignition switch
  • Pre- fabricated battery, starter and ground cables


The S-6S is an FAA approved 51% kit In Standard or Quick Build Form - No Welding Required.


  • BUILD TIME: 500-700 HOURS
  • PAPER COPY (available at extra cost)









Airframe Kit Less Firewall Forward

Airframe Kit including all standard features.
        Available as trike or taildragger




12” spinner, low drag fiberglass cowling, oil check door, stainless steel exhaust system (912UL/912ULS), engine mount, isolators, ACS Ignition switch, cooling system, pre-assembled fire sleeved oil lines, fuel lines, and hardware. Pre-fabricated battery, starter, and ground cables.

(Does not include: engine, propeller, or propeller installation hardware)




Rotax 912 UL (80 hp) and 912 ULS (100 hp) available factory new. Due to currency fluctuation, prices are updated frequently. Please call for current pricing.




  • 2-blade Sensenich ground adjustable composite (912ULS)  if used on a trike, it requires up-sized tires for clearance.
  • 2-blade Warp Drive ground adjustable w/ HP-L hub (912 UL)
  • 3-blade Warp Drive ground adjustable w/ HP-L hub (912 ULS)




The S-6S comes standard with 6” aircraft grade tires and single hydraulic toe brakes.  The following upgrades are available.


  • Tundra Tires (Taildragger Only)
  • Bush Option: 8.00 x 6 Mains with bush tailwheel
  • Trike gear up-sized mains and nose wheel (Includes and requires slightly larger fork)
  • Both sides hydraulic brakes



  • Tinted Glass (doors only)
  • Map box (not an after market option)
  • Heater - muffler style for 912 UL/ULS
  • Heater - radiant style
  • Aft baggage compartment






  • Stock upholstery is gray fabric, w/ black piping
  •  Headrests
  • Pleather Seat upholstery (per pair)
  • Pleather headrests




  • Gascolator
  • Wheel pants with mount kit
  • Nose gear disconnect with shimmy dampener        (required with nose wheel pant)
  • Yaw stability kit (recommended for floats)
  • Radio mount plates
  • Antenna mount plate
  • Windshield cover
  • AVEO Strobes
  • Carbon fiber cowling




  • Pre-built Tailcone: Built and attached to cockpit cage.




The S-6S quick build option includes:

  • Wings assembled, covered, wires for AVEO LED Strobes installed, fuel system installed with fuel lines plumbed and
    ready to integrate into fuselage.
  • Fuselage assembled and covered.
  • Floorboard, wear plate, rudder pedal location drilled, and
    nut plates installed.
  • Com antenna mount installed in fuselage belly.
  • Gear legs aligned and drilled.
  • Optional aft baggage assembled and door fitted.
  • Flaps, ailerons and tail group assembled and covered.


Quick Build available with 2 or 3 color paint options



 Crating/packing costs are included in pricing; Countries requiring treated wood subject to additional crating fee.


All orders are shipped freight collect unless prior arrangements have been made to pre-pay shipping.  Customer pick-ups welcome. See “Shipping Information” page










SPECIFICATIONS                                 80HP/100HP

Wing Span                                                   30ft 4 in
Area                                                         137.6 sq ft
Mean Chord                                                  4 ft 6 in
Aspect                                                               6.73
Length                                                        20 ft 9 in
Height*                                                         7 ft 8 in
Cockpit Width                                                   45 in
Headroom                                                         39 in
Legroom                                                           41 in
Number of Seats                                                     2
Doors                                                                      2
Landing Gear**                                           F/TD/TR
Baggage Volume                                           6 cu ft
Baggage Capacity                                          50 lbs
Aux. Baggage Volume***                               7 cu ft
Aux. Baggage Capacity                                  30 lbs
Fuel Capacity                                           18 gal US


POWER PLANT                                 912UL/912ULS

Engine                                  Rotax 912 UL/912 ULS
Output                                                 80 hp/100 hp
Oil Capacity                                                   3.0 qts
Coolant Capacity                                           4.4 qts
Propeller type****                                                     
Gear Reduction                                   1:2.27/1:2.43
Fuel G.P.H. @75%                                      4.5 / 5.0



Take Off Roll                                           220ft/210ft
Rate of Climb                               950 fpm/1250fpm
Service Ceiling                              14,000ft/16,000ft
Cruise                                          110 mph/115 mph
VNE                                                            130 mph
Stall Clean                                                   41 mph
Stall Flaps                                                    36 mph
Roll Rate                                                     80o / sec
Glide Ratio                                                          9:1
Landing Roll                                                    260 ft
Endurance                                           4 hrs / 3.6 hrs
Range                                     440 miles / 414 miles



Gross Weight                                               1320 lbs
Empty Weight                                                700 lbs
Useful Load                                                   620 lbs
Wing Loading                                               9.59 lbs
Power Loading                                 16.50/13.20 lbs
Limit Load Factors                                             +4-2


* Trike height is shown, Taildraggers are 6 ft.
**F/TD/TR=Fixed Taildragger/ Trike
***Baggage Compartment optional

****Refer to Optional Props available
Performance at sea level and maximum gross weight








We laid out the S-6S kit, just so you can get an idea of what you get for the money. We feel we provide a premier kit, with a level of detail, finish, and completeness second to none.
The point of building from a kit is to have the convenience and value. Kit aircraft have as a whole come a long way since we started, and a much higher level of fabrication and completeness is present. We welcome this, because we believe the more provided, the more likely you end up with a plane that performs as per our claims. An kit that is lacking puts the builder in the design, engineer and fabricate role. That should be reserved for the those who build from plans. You as a consumer pay for a kit, not a surprise list of things you still need to buy or fabricate. I hope you enjoy the photo of the S-6S kit, and can appericate the level of finish, fabrication, and detail provide in our standard kits.


S-6 Kit














A 50% deposit is required and 100% on Props & Engines, to confirm an order. This initial deposit can be made with a certified check, wire transfer, money order, company check or personal check.


The balance of your payment is due prior to ship out. RANS will make every effort to contact you plenty of time in advance of the ship out date so that this final payment does not hold up your order. Final payment should be made with a certified check, money order, or a wire transfer.


Sales tax is not added to shipments that are shipped out of the state of Kansas. Shipments within the state of Kansas will be charged sales tax at the rate of the delivery destination. For out of state customers picking up a kit at the factory, the customer must complete a notarized sales tax affidavit that defers sales tax to your state of residence.


With the purchase of a RANS kit, you are entitled to buy the Rotax engine directly from RANS. We do our best to keep the price as low as possible. The price will be our published price at the time of purchase.

The warranty period (6 months or first 100 hours whichever comes first) must begin within 1 year of delivery. For many home building projects this is not an adequate time frame to be finished and flying. And even for those folks who plan to finish in a short period of time, unexpected circumstances sometimes change these plans. Order your engine about 12-14 weeks before you will be ready to install it. Customer pays freight charges on all engine shipments, no matter if shipped with the kit or shipped separately later.


Depending upon production demands, delivery dates vary. Please inquire at the time of purchase about current delivery times. Kits (without any pre-built or quick build options) are usually shipped in 8-12 weeks. However, during high demand times this time can run longer. Quick build kit delivery times vary widely and are strictly dependent upon the number and extent of projects already on the schedule. An expected delivery date will be given at the time of order.


However, this is not a guarantee and is subject to change.


Our inventory and production emphasis are based on what is ordered. Therefore, it is difficult to change an order once confirmed. Custom made or ordered items cannot be changed without cost. (For example, changing the color scheme after the skins are already sewn.)


Due to custom nature of our product, orders are transferrable, but cancellations are not allowed and will result in loss of deposit.


We make every effort to send out your order complete. However, experience has shown that this cannot always be the case. Many items we use are highly specialized and many are supplied by only one vendor. When a vendor without warning changes a lead-time from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months it means we might not have this item in stock. We do send out backorders (not including engines, see #4) at our expense as quickly as we receive them. In some cases back orders are sent F.O.B.


We check and re-check and are 99.9% certain that if we say we shipped it, we did. The first task in building your kit is to inventory the parts using the packing list provided. It's your job to keep all parts organized and accounted for upon receiving your kit. We can not provide ìmissingî parts cost free after 60 days.


Because we deal with several vendors of props (Warp Drive, and Sensenich), all propellers are considered special orders and cannot be returned or exchanged! Because of variations in engines, flying conditions, function of the RPM gauge, variations in the prop itself, and other numerous factors, performance can vary considerably. We will do our best to provide the information you need to order a prop that will do the best job. However, because of variations, we cannot guarantee performance.


A RANS kit aircraft is purchased as a complete kit. The only exceptions are kits sold less engine and less firewall forward. RANS will not accept for credit unused items from the original kit.


We cannot guarantee continued supply of any items outside scope of our manufacture. This includes, but is not limited to engines, props, instruments, and sensors for instrumentation, wheels, brakes, tires, and so forth.


This policy pertains to the purchase of the aircraft kit. Parts and options ordered later will be handled on an individual basis. Any part that is shipped that is incorrect will be exchanged free of charge. However, all returns must be authorized by our Parts Department.


RANS Designs, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in prices, specifications, or models, or add improvements at any time without notice or obligation.