Oct 27

Boot Cowl Questions?


Manual says to leave boot Cowl off till after painting! What is the purpose of this? Maybe for installing windscreen? Can you not just install everything and just mask the windscreen or is there something else you need the Cowl off for?


It’s about painting parts then assembly. For a one man operation and type of aircraft, boot cowl last is easiest.

The point in the text manual where it says to paint the fuselage is a great time to do so. The fuselage is still light enough to move around on a rotisserie.

If planning to paint yourself it’s the way to go.




Oct 27

But is there any other reason? Something else you need it off for? Thanks



Sure. Besides paint how about ease of installing everything forward of the door post. Better wording may be, “Do not permanently attach the boot cowl until just about everything is installed forward of the door post”. For example I am doing the fit up of interior panels this morning. Without the boot cowl installed there is plenty of space to work without being a contortionist and lose of time.


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  • In the S21 progress report # 27 there is talk of an Assembly Alert for using VHB tape to install the lexan to the door frames. However, when I search for the assembly alert -----no joy. My kit did include the VHB tape, but there are no instructions on where to use it. It does not look like there is enough to do the entire perimeter of the door and the center seams, so I am wondering if it is only for the center seam. Or, anywhere the lexan meets the door frame? Guidance please.
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