May 13

Substituted rivets question


Getting ready to rivet the top skin to the leading edge, parts manual call out is for

CCC42 rivets, but none in the big ole bag of rivets.


There was a bag of SSK42SSBS rivets that appear to be the correct substitute, but I can not find any documentation to confirm this.


Anybody able to confirm this is in fact the correct rivet------and is there a list available of rivet substitution numbers??? My buddy Mr. Google failed me when looking for a conversion chart from one manufacturer to another :(



May 14

Sorry for the confusion, those are the correct rivets. The company that supplies the hardware has given them that name, not sure where it came from, but we confirmed today they are the CCC-42 rivets.

Mike, did they not list their part number along with the RANS number? They are supposed to be printing both part numbers on the lid.



No lid, as the rivets were in a big baggie with other baggies of rivets.

@mjstarkey48 Oh gotcha. I forgot the large quantities of rivets were in a bag. There still should have been both part numbers on there. Sorry for the confusion on that. Glad you it figured out!!

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