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Mike D.T.
May 28, 2021
I am expecting to be in a position soon to place an order for the first sub kits, or put a deposit down. Rans seems to have done a great job putting out a lot of useful information on their site. But, I'm wondering if someone could help me with answering the following: 1. What grade of aluminum are the skins and structures? 2. What corrosion protection to the aluminum parts have? 3. What corrosion protection is recommended, particularly for the aluminum? Same process as most builders do for a Vans RV, with the alumiprep and a corrosion inhibiting primer? I’m concerned about protecting my investment long term. 4. Given typical CoG, what are the actual baggage area weight limits people are seeing for the Titan engine? Same question for the 915iS, given it’s somewhat lighter? 5. Is the quoted 155 mph cruise for the Titan with a CS prop, or FP? If CS, what are people seeing for cruise down low with the WW FP prop from the FWF kit on the Titan? 6. What are the cruise speeds looking like with the 915iS? Thanks! Mike

Mike D.T.

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